Cyclist blocks cars from driving on pavement

Footage from a cyclist's helmet cam has shown the moment he confronts motorists – after they attempt to drive on the pavement. The video was captured in North London, and shows not just one, but three cars attempting to bypass Thames Water roadworks by taking to the pavement.

The video clip begins with a white Mitsubishi L200 exiting the roadworks, while the cyclist and cameraman says: "You appear to be driving on the pavement." The pickup then drives away, but the cyclist takes a stand and refuses to let another car, an Audi, through.

The Audi driver gets out of the car to swear at the cyclist and accuses him of "deciding the rules of life", but the cyclist stands firm and a local resident comes to his aid, telling the driver he's risking the safety of children by driving on the pavement.

The Audi driver tells the woman to "get a life", but after being reminded he's on camera relents and heads back to his car to turn around and find another way.

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