Shocking moment motorists slap each other during road rage incident

The moment a road rage incident escalated into physical contact has been caught on camera.

It is not clear what sparked the outburst, but the video shows a woman shouting at two men, one of whom is trying to calm the situation.

As the anger rises the woman suddenly lashes out and slaps one of the men across the face, and he quickly retaliates and hits her back.

As the fight erupts two other bystanders run over to help break up the argument before it becomes any more violent.

The incident appears to happen at a junction next to a Shell fuel station in America. It was captured on camera by a passer-by who can also be heard shouting out in defence of the man who was assaulted saying he saw what she did.

The video has been shared hundreds of times on YouTube and has many comments.

One expressed that he was unsure whether the men who ran over were actually helping or not.

WARNING: Video contains swearing

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