Audi driver gets ban after shocking driving caught on camera

An Audi driver has been banned from driving and handed a hefty fine after shocking dash cam footage showed the motorist dangerously overtaking on the central reservation.

The incident took place on the M5 motorway in August earlier this year, and was captured by Lee Borastero as he made his way to Exmouth with his family.

The footage shows the Audi A7 driving down the third lane at excessive speed before slamming the brakes on behind a Volvo, which is overtaking traffic.

Clearly impatient, the driver of the Audi, Michael Waistell, 32 from Oldham, accelerates onto the central reservation, narrowly avoiding hitting the barrier and forces the Volvo to move out of the way.

Waistell pleaded guilty to dangerous driving at Taunton Magistrates Court, and was handed a 12-month driving ban and a £665 fine. He will also have to sit and extended test.

Speaking about the incident to the Sun newspaper, Borastero said: "It took a few days to sink in about what could have happened on the motorway. There have been some horrific accidents on the M5 this year and in the past few years.

"We travel the M5 quite a bit. I am very wary about the traffic around me now."

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