Frightening moment road rage driver follows woman to her home

A man has been caught on camera following a woman back to her home after a road rage incident in a car park.

The incident started in Los Angeles after the woman spotted the Mercedes C-Class coupe while she was out shopping. With very distinctive decals, it had been reported several times by local residents for reckless driving, so she decided to take a photo of it

The man who was driving is reported to have exited his vehicle and started hitting the woman's car and spitting on it before she managed to drive away.

However, the Mercedes continued to follow her to her home. She was driving with her child in the car at the time and said she was terrified. She said: "I was scared, I was shaking, I didn't know where to go or who to tell."

CCTV footage from the woman's house shows her entering her garage to try to avoid the Mercedes driver. He suddenly drives onto the driveway and attempts to prevent the garage door from closing.

Police are still looking for the man.

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