Dashcams could soon be able to upload footage to emergency services

Dashcams are increasingly on the rise as drivers use them to protect themselves in crashes, but soon dashcams may be able to upload footage direct to emergency services.

Auto Express magazine has revealed that dashcams may be able to alert emergency services to crashes in the future using 'cloud' services. New connected features will allow video footage to be wirelessly uploaded to servers.

Dashcam manufacturer Thinkware told the magazine that future devices could automatically record and upload footage to emergency services when sensors detect accidents.

Manufacturers are under increasing pressure to feature eCall services in their cars – technology that alerts emergency services upon detecting a crash. From April 2018, EU law requires all new cars to be fitted with the tech. Thinkware's business development manager Tim Sagar said the dashcams could be a way of the technology making its way into older cars.

He told Auto Express: "Instantaneous video evidence will be invaluable for the emergency services to help them assess the severity [of an accident].

"Then, of course, there are cases where vehicles leave the road and nobody has been aware there has been an accident."
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