Retired teacher climbs onto bonnet of moving school bus

Footage has emerged of a retired teacher jumping onto the bonnet of a moving school bus in Baltimore, USA.

Leverne Doran, 68, jumped onto the vehicle after he claimed a child had thrown a bottle of Gatorade at his car.

The pensioner also managed to open the door of the bus and enter. His lawyer has said that instead he was "trying to advise the bus driver to a serious safety issue going on inside his vehicle".

Susan Copenhaver, grandmother to two children on the bus, said: "The children were scared to death and most of them ran to the back of the bus and got under the seats."

"I'm sure this frightening experience will stay with them with for years to come," she added.

Doran has been arrested and charged with disturbing the peace and destruction of property, following the incident.
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