Heartless taxi driver knocks over biker and steals his money

CCTV footage has emerged of the moment a taxi driver knocks over a motorcyclist at a junction – and then, instead of helping him up, proceeds to steal the man's dropped money.

The incident took place in Salta, Northern Argentina, and was caught on camera.

The taxi and bike collided at a junction where the motorcyclist had the right of way. The footage shows the biker falling across the taxi's bonnet before landing heavily on the floor, losing his helmet and bag in the process. He also lost two bundles of banknotes from his pocket, totalling 10,000 Argentinian pesos (around £430).

The taxi driver pulls over, but not before reaching down and pocketing the money.

Emergency services arrived on the scene, but the biker refused to go to hospital once he realised the cash was missing – instead insisting police helped look for it. It was eventually found under the the taxi's floor mats.

The taxi driver was arrested and is expected to appear in court soon.

A local said on social media: "The taxi driver's actions could have cost the motorcyclist his life.

"Instead of helping him, he helped himself to his money. There's no words to describe how low-life some people are."

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