Man and woman caught on camera shooting from car window

This is the shocking moment a couple filmed themselves shooting out of a moving car window towards people's homes.

The incident happened in Houston Texas and was captured on a mobile phone by the male occupant of the vehicle, which was uploaded to Snapchat.

The footage shows a man firing a handgun out of the driver's window at random. A woman can then be seen pointing a larger black gun out the window and firing several rounds.

The Houston police department is currently looking into the incident and is appealing to anyone who can help officers track the pair down.

The police have also specified the type of car they think the occupants were traveling in, identifying the make and model of the door panels as a GMC Sierra truck.

According to reports, local news team Channel 2 News went out into the areas they believed the incident took place and found shell casings from the shots that were fired.

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