Frightening moment a crazed passenger caused a bus to crash is caught on camera

This is the terrifying moment a passenger on board a bus grabs the wheel and causes a crash.

The dramatic footage was captured earlier this week and shows the driver of the coach driving through a tunnel in Changsha, in the southern Hunan Province of China.

As the vehicle travels along a passenger suddenly lurches forward and grabs the steering wheel. The driver attempts to regain control but the man steers the coach sharply to the left, causing a huge smash in the process as the coach collides with the tunnel wall.

After the crash it is reported the crazed man attacked a ticket seller with the emergency hammer from the bus before passengers managed to restrain him with rope until the police arrived.

The man was a drug addict and was arrested at the scene. Luckily nobody was seriously injured in the incident, although the ticket seller is still being treated in hospital, according to local media reports.

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