Porsche 911 art car goes up for sale


Think of art cars and your mind probably goes to BMW. The German manufacturer has been producing these painted motors since 1975, when Alexander Calder decorated the 3.0 CSL belonging to French racing driver and auctioneer Herve Poulain. However, the art car for sale here comes from a very different German manufacturer.

It's a pristine 1966 Porsche 911, notable for being a rare short-wheelbase model. Simply being a running 911 of this vintage almost guarantees a high price, but this example being sold by specialist luxury marketplace James Edition is somewhat more special.

It's been painted by renowned Dutch artist Gerriet Postma, who bought his unique bold and vibrant art style to the Porsche's curving lines.

Postma painted the car in 2008, and died the next year. The 911 formed part of his funeral procession, but other than that James Edition says It's had very little use over the past 25 years. Instead, it's been lovingly stored, keeping it in immaculate condition.

Impressively, the car is in highly original condition. Chassis, engine and gearbox numbers all match and can be looked up if prospective owners have any doubt of its provenance.

And the price for this magnificent art installation? It's a positive bargain, listed at just €77,500 (around £68,000). When even relatively modern Porsches can sell for hundreds of thousands of pounds, that seems a very small sum for a 1960's classic in such great condition – even without the art.

For a discerning Porsche or Postma enthusiast, it should be an easy purchase.

Porsche 911 Art Car goes up for sale

Porsche 911 Art Car goes up for sale