Be bold with your car colour choice, says Nissan

Micra Psycolourgy

What colour is your car? If you're Mr or Mrs Average, it's likely your answer is white, black, or grey – this monochromatic trio makes up over half of new car registrations in the UK.

However, Nissan thinks it's high time for this to change. A European study recently found 86 per cent of drivers made what the brand considers the 'wrong' choice in the showroom.

Nissan claims these drivers chose the wrong vehicle colour for their personality type, with two-thirds going for "traditional/conservative colours". The survey found 53 per cent of respondents said colour impacted their vehicle choice.

To find out more – as well as promote its own Micra's wide range of colour choices – Nissan has produced a Facebook Chatbot program, allowing customers to take their own version of the personality test. It's been devised by colour psychologist Karen Haller, and consists of a short questionnaire which then tells you which shade in the Micra's palette suits you best.

Karen commented: "Social factors come into play with colour choice. For example, in times of economic uncertainty, it's common for people to play it safe and pick a car with a neutral palette – such as black, white or grey. So I'm not surprised that two-thirds of motorists are driving more conservative shades."

The Micra is available in 10 exterior colours, including Energy Orange, Pulse Green and Passion Red. Despite all this choice, the most popular colour choice for Micra buyers is Enigma Black, tied with Gunmetal Grey. Glaze White completes the top three, while only one per cent of buyers choose Pulse Green.

The Micra isn't the only supermini available with a bold colour palette, though. The whole of Mazda's range is available in the stunning Soul Red, for example, while Peugeot's 208 comes in Orange Power, Rioja Red or the stylishly purple Eternal Blue. Even usually conservative Skoda offers its Fabia in a brilliant Rallye Green.

Hopefully with all this choice on the market, customers may choose something a bit brighter and more cheerful than the usual grey, white or black.

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