BMW i3s unveiled at Frankfurt


The BMW i3s has been shown for the first time at the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany.

Dubbed the "sporty" version of the i3, it offers more power for the best selling electric premium compact car currently on the market.

BMW i3s unveiled at Frankfurt

BMW i3s unveiled at Frankfurt

It develops 182bhp, which is 14bhp more than the standard car. Power comes from an electric motor that also develops 270Nm of torque, and delivers a 0-60mph time of just 6.1 seconds

A Range Extender is also available, turning the i3s into a hybrid thanks to a two-cylinder petrol unit, extending the range by 93 miles. However, this does add almost a whole second to the 0-60mph time thanks to the extra weight.

On the outside the styling is kept minimally different, although the eagle-eyed will spot that the front bumper is different thanks to chrome slats that sit within the bumper housing.

Other differences include a roof, bonnet and A-pillars finished in black, though other colours are available and new paint schemes are also on offer including Melbourne Red.

Inside and it's very similar to the old i3. Updates include a new version of BMWs iDrive system, and features sat nav, voice recognition, DAB radio and the option of Apple CarPlay.

The i3 and i3s both feature recycled plastics, renewable materials, natural fibres and natural eucalyptus wood throughout to keep the car as eco-friendly as possible.

The car is on sale now, with prices starting at £36,975 for a standard i3s and £40,125 for the i3s Range Extender.