'Wideboy' custom Mini goes up for sale


The original Mini was known for its ability to seat four adults in a far smaller space than anybody thought possible. However, if you've just had your third child or simply fancy a bit more room to stretch out, help could be at hand with this incredible custom-built 'Wideboy' Mini, posted for sale on eBay.

Look at the car initially and it can take a few seconds to figure out what exactly you're looking at. This classic Mini has had its bodywork widened by around 60cm, putting it at around 2 metres wide compared to the 1.4m of the original car.

The car benefits from its wider body with two extra seats, giving it the same 'two rows of three' configuration as a Fiat Multipla. That's backed up by an extra windscreen wiper for the super-wide windscreen, and a fully electric fabric sunroof which seems somewhat lost in the vast expanse of the roof.

The ad claims it has a rebuilt 1275cc engine, running on unleaded fuel and mated to a manual gearbox. The dashboard inside has been custom crafted from two donor cars.

Sadly the car isn't road legal, having not yet been tested by VOSA, so any prospective owners will need a (wide) trailer to take the car away on. But the owner claims it's a real head-turner, and could be an interesting addition to any classic car show.

At the time of writing the Mini was up to £1,985 on the eBay auction, with two days left to run.

'Wideboy' Mini goes up for auction

'Wideboy' Mini goes up for auction