Mini releases details of electric concept


Mini has unveiled its all-electric concept ahead of the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Part of BMWs 'Number One Next' strategy, it forms a major part of the plan for all BMW cars and Mini models to go green.

Mini releases details of electric concept

Mini releases details of electric concept

The electric Mini is also set to go into production within the next two years at the company's Oxford plant in the UK.

Peter Schwarzenbauer, BMW AG management board member, said: "With its characteristic go-kart feeling and powerful electric motor, the Mini electric concept is great fun to drive while also being completely suitable for everyday use – and producing zero emissions to boot.

"That's how we at Mini envisage electric mobility in tomorrow's world."

Over the past decade Mini has continually been developing electric versions of its cars, most notably the Mini E, which has seen 600 units sold worldwide.

The exterior is quintessentially a Mini with the same large rounded headlights, squatted stance and raked rear window line. The differences aren't hard to spot however.

The grille, although there, has been sealed up with a sharp yellow trim running through it to denote it is different to the rest of the Mini range.

This yellow accenting continues across the car with yellow wing mirrors and a line going across the bottom of the door.

One particularly revolutionary piece of design is using 3D printing to form the wheels.

The rear lights are also different, sporting Union Flag styling within them to give them an ultra-British look – paying tribute to the original Austin Mini.