Brazilian builds his own ‘Ferrari’ entirely from scrap parts

A Brazilian man has attempted to build his own replica of the Ferrari LaFerrari hypercar - using only parts from abandoned vehicles and other pieces of scrap metal.

The 'Ferrari' was entirely constructed from scrap metal, including parts from a bus, the engine from a motorbike and other components from various assorted vehicles. All parts were sourced from a scrapyard, where critics might think this oddity is probably best placed.

Twenty-three-year-old Geovane Felix Ramos Santos built the car in his home town of Paramirim in Brazil, starting in October last year. He also spent 6000 Brazilian Real on the creation, approximately £1,450.

While it may look absolutely nothing like any Ferrari – and of course doesn't display the famous badge – we can't help but admire the fact that someone will happily own up to being responsible for this creation.

The motorbike mechanic said about his car: "I am very passionate about Ferraris. I created this cute Ferrari for exhibiting, not driving every day."

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