Rescuers free kitten stuck in engine of car

Smokie at its home in Hull. The five-month-old cat was found by workers at a recycling centre in Hull last week after they heard him crying in one of the bins.

A kitten was freed from a car engine after the vehicle's owner reported hearing a cat meowing while she was driving.

The driver of a white Audi Q5 in China said she could hear a cat when her car was parked, but couldn't work out exactly where the sound was coming from.

It was only after the mother cat followed the car and stayed near it, that she realised there must be a kitten trapped in the SUV.

Many Good Samaritans initially came out to try and save the animal, but were unable to reach it because of where it was trapped in the engine.

A car service provider and a charity, Sunshine SOS, were then called in. The team had to jack up the car and remove the engine protection plate to be able to free the cat, which was amazingly unharmed.

Car technician Zheng Lu, who helped with the rescue, said: "The mother cat had been waiting for the kitten, refusing to go, which indicated that it was still alive, so we would not give up."
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