Dramatic footage showing man on the back of speeding repossession truck

This is the incredible moment a man jumped onto a tow truck as his car was being repossessed.

The Nissan Ultima owner saw his car being taken away and attempted to stop the driver.

This shocking footage was captured from two witnesses who followed behind the truck and called the police as the car began swaying across the road almost hitting parked vehicles.

The witnesses said they were concerned not just for the man's safety, but for the safety of pedestrians in case they were hit by the fishtailing car.

At one point the tyres come off the car and sparks begin to fly as parts of the bodywork impact the road.

Throughout the dramatic scenes the man can be seen clinging onto the truck, later telling American news programme Inside Edition that he was slightly behind on his repayments.

He also claimed he asked the repo driver to at least wait until police arrived because he believed there had been a mistake, but the driver ignored him and began to drive off with his car.

Police can be seen arriving towards the end of the footage. It is not known if any charges were brought.

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