Ferrari announces new Portofino


Italian supercar manufacturer Ferrari has announced its latest model – the Portofino.

Brought in as a replacement for the California T, this new roadster is named after the Italian coastal city and will be officially unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

The Portofino will be equipped with a 591bhp, turbocharged V8 – representing a 40bhp increase over the California T – that means it is quicker to 60mph in a time of 3.5 seconds and has a higher top speed set at 199mph.

Ferrari has engineered the Portofino on a new chassis that is lighter than the California's, but they have made it more rigid for improved handling and feel.

The Maranello-based company has also fitted electric power steering – a first for a Ferrari GT car – and an electronic rear differential for improved handling and mechanical grip.

Ferrari announces new Portofino

Ferrari announces new Portofino

Although the outline isn't very different from the previous roadster, the Portofino has been redesigned at the front end. The lights are similar to those on the 488 and the larger inlets help for better aerodynamic efficiency, as well as looking similar to the 812 Superfast. Inlets have also been added to the bonnet.

The metal folding roof, when raised, offers a sweeping roof line that suits the GT nature of the Portofino and with the roof down it is an elegant cruiser with enough space for two in the back.

Inside Ferrari has fitted new features, such as a 10.2-inch touchscreen for the infotainment system, a passenger display, an improved air conditioning system, a redesigned wind deflector and a new steering wheel.