Pedestrians are nearly run over in Leeds

A pair of pedestrians had a lucky escape after a speeding Ford Focus almost hit them while they were crossing the road.

A motorist caught the incident in Leeds on a dashcam, which happened after he'd stopped at a red light. The two pedestrians started to cross after making sure that traffic wasn't moving.

The lights started to turn green when the pedestrians were halfway across, but the cars at the junction were waiting for them to cross.

That was until the white Focus sped up the outside of the camera car and almost hit the duo that was nearly at the central reservation on the dual carriageway.

Thankfully, the Focus went through the middle of the two, but it doesn't excuse the risk of the Ford driver's manoeuvre.

Michael Andrews, the driver who captured the footage in York Road, told the Huddersfield Daily Examiner: "I did not see him coming so it was a big shock. I was amazed he missed both pedestrians. On another day that could easily have been a fatality."

He posted the video on Twitter, where he tagged West Yorkshire Police and wrote: "Police should have a word with this ****er before he kills someone."

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