Cyclist throws Audi driver’s litter back into his car

A cyclist in Sydney has done a good deed by throwing some litter back into an Audi convertible after the owner carelessly threw it out of their car.

As the rider approaches a set of traffic lights, the driver of a white Audi A5 Convertible stopped at the lights can be seen throwing a tissue out of the car.

The cyclist stops and tells the driver: "You've dropped something mate".

He then throws the litter back into the convertible which has its roof down.

The Audi driver is clearly not happy by the cyclist's actions and says to him: "Mate, what are you doing?"

Both men then start swearing at each other before the cyclist, Jonathan Wright, cycles off.

The incident occurred in Hyde Park, Sydney. Wright has said he has reported the man to the Environmental Protection Agency. It is reported that if the agency successfully locates the man, he could face a $250 (£153) fine for littering.
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