Distracted driver slams into stationary traffic

This is the terrifying moment a distracted driver slams into a line of traffic at high speed.

A woman was reportedly traveling at 60mph in her Ford Explorer on an American highway when the incident happened.

The video shows that she doesn't attempt to brake once and only notices the stationary traffic when it's too late.

Colliding with a white Ford Focus, the impact is so violent the Focus is sent flying into the left lane and is totally mangled at the back.

The impact also damages another vehicle in front of the Explorer driver, which is then shunted into a large truck.

The driver does not appear to be seriously injured but can be heard complaining about pain in her leg. It is not known if anyone else suffered injuries during the crash.

This comes after a report by CBS that distracted driving related crashes are on the rise, with more than 18,000 people killed in crashes across the US in the first six months of this year alone.

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