The cars of the Beaulieu Supercar Weekend

The National Motor Museum hosted its annual supercar show last weekend, and AOL Cars headed to the New Forest to see what it was all about.

Over 14,000 people flocked to the Beaulieu Supercar Weekend, with cars such as a Ferrari LaFerrari owned by Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason and a Porsche Carrera GT on display.

The cars of the Beaulieu Supercar Weekend

The cars of the Beaulieu Supercar Weekend

Among the static cars being shown was an Aston Martin DB5, a Ferrari F12 TdF and two Lamborghini Murcielargo SVs, that sat with 750 other supercars that attended the show over the weekend.

There were also car club displays from the likes of Lamborghini, Porsche, TVR and Lotus, all of which impressed us with the variety of cars they had on offer.

There were also demonstration runs with a range of modern and classic supercars, as well as a 'supercar sound-off' which involved supercars making as much noise as possible. It included cars such as the Jaguar F-Type SVR an Aston Martin Vantage GT8.

In front of the historic Palace House, there was also a range of classics on display including a Maserati Sebring and Jaguar XK140.

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By Ted Welford