Man destroys neighbour's van after using blowtorch to remove garden weeds


Well, the weeds have gone, at least... but so has the rest of the front garden .

A dozy gardener decided to clear the ground with a blowtorch but also reduced a hedge to blackened stumps and burnt out his neighbour's van.

As he blasted his weeds the flames caught on the wind and quickly spread to the hedge separating his drive from his neighbour's.

The blaze then spread to his neighbour's van as well as a garage door.

Credits: MEN Media

MEN Media

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The unnamed gardener tried to put the fire out using a hose but said the water "wouldn't touch it".

No one was injured and he added the neighbour was "very understanding".

Firefighters were scrambled to the scene at Boswell Drive in Lincoln, on Sunday.

Credits: BPM Media

BPM Media

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The blaze completely destroyed the vehicle, Lincoln Live reports.

The gardener, from Lincoln, said: "He's a really lovely man and he said, 'You're not hurt, I'm not hurt and it's only a piece of metal'."

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