Mindless vandalism leaves 65 cars smashed

This shocking footage shows vandals smashing and damaging over 65 cars in Colchester.

The thugs caused more than £100,000-worth of damage by smashing windows, destroying wing mirrors and denting body panels on 65 cars that were parked on Whitehall Industrial Estate in Colchester, Essex.

The gang can be seen on CCTV footage casually making their way through a line of vehicles, which included an Audi A6 , Jaguar X-Type, Volkswagen Beetle, Toyota Yaris and Ford Galaxy among others.

It is believed the gang used hammers to damage the cars. Neil Scrivens was one of the victims of the vicious attack, which left his car badly damaged. He said: "I have just been quoted £600 on one car and that's just one of them.

"There is one car they have set about with a hammer."

Various businesses on the estate were also targeted including breakdown specialist East Anglian Services.

The owner, Ray Neal, is very angry as many of his customers' vehicles were trashed during the incident. He said: "We are going to struggle to get the money back. I don't know how much it is going to cost me yet; all I know is these people are mindless idiots.

"What are the police going to do if they catch them, put them in prison so we have to pay more money looking after them? The best thing to do is find them and we'll go and sort them out."

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