Rhino charges down Indian highway

Footage has captured a rhino charging down a road in India at motorists.

It can be seen running in the direction of traffic, before it crosses the carriageway to charge at an oncoming white Ford Ecosport, which it narrowly misses.

As it continues running down the road, shocked drivers reverse out of the way, swerve and perform U-turns to avoid the massive animal.

The car with the dashcam continues to follow it, until the rhino tires and heads back off into the grass, but not before the occupants can be heard saying: "Look at the size of the thing!"

The incident happened in the state of Assam, reportedly where 70 per cent of Indian one-horned rhinoceros live. According to locals, because of the large population of rhinos in the area, these encounters with humans are becoming far more common.

By Ted Welford

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