Quiz: Can you guess what happened to this racing driver next?

Evidently, it was a very dramatic weekend of Motorsport at Brands Hatch.

In this clip, we see the start of a Volkswagen Racing Cup encounter at the Kent venue, yesterday. Tim Docker is pitched into a spin in his Volkswagen Scirocco – and we want you to guess what happens next in the interactive video below.

Spoilers below for those of you who have not taken the quiz yet!

As you have just seen, it was a big moment for Docker and Paul Ivens, the driver of the second car. Fortunately, the Volkswagen Racing Cup Facebook page provided a positive update on Ivens later in the day: '[Ivens] has been given the all clear from the hospital, although he is battered and bruised. Hope you're feeling better soon Paul.'

By Adam Weller

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