CCTV shows cheeky thief steals pizza delivery car after driver goes to drop off food


A passer-by who stumbled on a pizza delivery driver's car with its key in the ignition and engine still running brazenly jumped in and drove off.

The foolish pizza delivery driver left her car round the back of a Walgreens store in Wisconsin, US, without bothering to turn the car off as she ran inside.

The crime was caught on CCTV and shows the opportunistic woman seize her moment.

She had been walking through the area holding shopping bags but seems to have disappeared by the time the Toppers car drove up.

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But slowly, she cautiously makes her way back to the area and with a quick peer inside, she opens the car door and hops in.

Without taking a second to adjust the wing mirrors or the rear-view mirror, she drives off before the unsuspecting driver returns to find her car missing.

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The incident happened on August 5 and the stolen car is a 2016 silver Kia Rio with WI plates: 288-ZCE.

Police have now released surveillance video in an effort to identify the suspect.

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