World Rallycross adding electric racing to World RX weekend

The world's premier rallycross series is looking to implement an all-electric racing event as part of race weekends. reported that World Rallycross managing director Paul Bellamy and competition promoter IMG have been in contact with manufacturers about developing electric rally vehicles for such an event, as well as the FIA about what shape such a series would take.

But it wouldn't be on the cards until 2020 at the earliest, as the competition format and vehicles would need to be up to standard before being given the go-ahead.

Manufacturers such as Peugeot, Volkswagen and Audi are already support teams involved in World RX, but it is unknown if they have been specifically asked to aid development of electric rallycross vehicles.

Bellamy said: "We're looking at electric rallycross because it's what the manufacturers are asking for. They understand and see how rallycross lends itself perfectly to electric motor racing, because the races are over quickly and the cars being used relate to the cars that you see every day on the road."

As it stands, this move won't affect the World RX main event, as the FIA doesn't want a crossover of internal combustion and electric-powered vehicles in the same race.

Bellamy said: "It's very important for us that the internal combustion engine is here to stay in World RX. We've invested heavily in rallycross as it currently is, and we're not going to walk away from that.

"The current formula is a fantastic spectacle and that won't change, in the same way that Formula E coming in hasn't changed Formula 1. Electric rallycross will not change what we currently have at the top of World RX."

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