Watch wannabe car thief being wrestled to the ground by ‘MMA fighter’

Footage has captured the moment a would-be car thief trying to break in to vehicles was wrestled to the ground by a man believed to be a mixed martial arts fighter.

The thief, wearing dark trousers and a hooded top, can be seen trying the doors of several cars, before settling for a silver Ford Focus Estate in the multi-storey car park, which Metro said was next to an MMA gym, although it is unclear exactly where in the UK it happened

The man briefly stops when other people are around him, casually walking round pretending to be on his phone. Once it is clear, he carries on trying to get into the car.

Another man then runs up to the car, tackles the thief to the ground and starts wrestling him, ensuring he can't get away.

At the end of the video, another member of the public comes to help restrain the crook.

The video has been uploaded to YouTube, with the comment "Thief tries to break into car but gets caught by MMA fighter instead."

By Ted Welford

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