Jamiroquai’s Cosmic Girl Lamborghini up for sale


A bright purple Lamborghini Diablo SE30 limited edition is a rare car as it is. Add in the fact this one has had a world-famous owner and has even starred in a music video, and you have very unique car.

Finished in 'viola-metallic' this 1996 Lamborghini featured in Jamiroquai's music video for Cosmic Girl and features a blue suede interior with carbon-fibre-backed seats and 'lashings' of carbon throughout the interior.

Jamiroquai’s Cosmic Girl Lamborghini up for sale

Jamiroquai’s Cosmic Girl Lamborghini up for sale

Not only is the colour combination special, only 16 of the 150 ever made were right-hand-drive – again adding a rarity factor to the car.

There were originally two cars but one was written-off following a crash during the music video.

This particular car didn't go through the video without incident either. During filming a precision camera fell from a height and shattered the car's windscreen. Jay Kay decided that the filming should continue and so the rest of the video was shot without one.

Jamiroquai front man Jay Kay owned the car for three years from 1996 when he bought it brand new from supercar specialist Amari, which is currently selling the car again, only this time for a jaw-dropping £549,995.

This might seem excessive considering a normal Diablo costs less than half of that, however, take into account the pedigree and prestige this particular example has, and it's likely to become a collector's piece.

Since Jay Kay sold it, he bought it back again before three additional owners took hold of it. However, having covered just 17,266 miles in its 21-year lifespan – it is absolutely immaculate.