Police smash car window to rescue dog

Police in Florida were forced to smash a car window after a dog was left inside.

The pitbull terrier was left in scorching conditions inside the car with no windows left open for it to breathe properly.

With temperatures reaching more than 43 degrees Celsius and no owner to be found, the police officer felt he had no choice but to rescue the poor dog from the sweltering conditions.

The video shows a bystander filming while the officer breaks the window. A female animal control officer then steps in once the door is opened to offer the dog some fresh water.

The dog is then taken off camera into some shade to help it cool down.

RSPCA dog welfare specialist Lisa Richard told the Express: "Dogs die in hot cars and it's never okay to leave dogs alone in parked cars on warm days.

"But it's important to realise that it is not just cars which pose a risk to animals when the temperature soars.

"On the hottest of the year, 263 reports came into us about dogs exposed to extreme heat in cars, conservatories and other dangerous situations."

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