Watch a 92-year-old man set the world record for the oldest man to flip a car

A fantastic video has emerged show a 92-year-old man setting the world record for the oldest person to flip a car.

The record was set on July 22 in a beaten up-looking Subaru estate car at the Bear Ridge Speedway in Bradford, Vermont in America.

Peter Racine, of St. Johnsbury, also in Vermont, admitted to being blind in his right eye and having difficulty seeing through his left eye.

Despite these ailments, he seemed determined to set the record, and successfully managed to roll the car in front of a crowd of fans who cheered him on as he accelerated towards the ramp.

As the car hit the incline, Racine can be seen inside bracing himself as the car flips over – but he emerges from the car unscathed.

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