Stolen car takes out several trees as it crashes in a residential area


The driver of a stolen car has been filmed smashing into trees and flipping the car over.

The footage was captured by a CCTV camera outside a house in the Washtenaw County area of Michigan.

The video shows a car losing control at very high speed before it hits a couple of trees and flips into the air, rolling several times. It then sideswipes a parked car before coming to a rest on its roof on someone's front lawn.

Miraculously, nobody was seriously injured or killed, something that is evident as four men emerge from the wreckage and run away.

The 2006 Toyota Avalon had been stolen from a house on July 7 with the crash taking place at 4pm on July 12.

Police are seeking the four occupants of the vehicle as the car was stolen. As of yet they have still not been identified.