Shocking moment teenager is hit by driverless motorbike while crossing a road


Dashcam footage has captured the horrific moment an out-of-control motorbike hit a teenager as she crossed a road in Russia.

A bike with no rider can be seen hurtling down the road with sparks flying, before ploughing into an 18-year-old as she walks across a pedestrian crossing in Ulyanovsk in south-west Russia. Because of the speed at which the motorcycle is travelling, the bike continues down the road on its side even after the incident.

The victim is in visible pain but is helped by passers-by and police officers who happened to be driving past at the time.

Emergency services were called to take the teenager to hospital, where her injuries were labelled "serious", although local police did not disclose any further details.

A 27-year-old motorcyclist had lost control of the bike, the Daily Mail said, but there were no reports of his condition.

By Ted Welford

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