Shocking moment caravan overturns on US highway

This is the heart-stopping moment a car towing a caravan loses control and is violently thrown around the highway.

The trailer tips over and rolls twice before coming to rest with the SUV towing it facing the wrong way.

Other footage shows the dangers of towing a trailer incorrectly and demonstrates how it should be attached and how things can go horribly wrong if the right procedures are not carried out.

A motoring expert demonstrates the way a trailer should be attached with two chains to help hold the coupling in place, along with a locking pin.

The car and trailer are then driven by a professional driver on a racing track without the chains or pin to show the reality of what will happen without them. The trailer becomes unhitched from the SUV at higher speeds and smashes into the barrier.

So, if you are planning on taking your caravan away somewhere this summer, or want to take a trailer to the tip, then this video is very handy.

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