Driving for more than two hours a day lowers your IQ, study finds


File photo dated 27/10/10 of a general view of traffic on a motorway as drivers are paying record amounts for their car insurance, with average premiums up 11\% in the last year, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) has said.

A new study suggests that driving for more than two hours daily reduces your intelligence.

Researchers from the University of Leicester investigated various activities involving little physical activity to test how they affected IQ scores – and found that they decreased for middle-age people who drove for more than two hours per day.

Research was gathered over a five-year period from 500,000 Britons aged between 37 and 73, with the participants taking intelligence and memory tests.

The 93,000 people in the study who drove for more than two hours per day generally had lower brain power than they had at the start of the investigation. Those who did little or no driving saw their brain power decreasing at a much slower rate than those who drove for long periods each day.

Similar outcomes were also reported from those who watched TV for more than three hours a day.

Kishan Bakrania, a medical epidemiologist at the university, told the Sunday Times: "We know that regularly driving for more than two to three hours a day is bad for your heart.

"The research suggests it is bad for your brain, too, perhaps because your mind is less active in these hours. Driving causes stress and fatigue, with studies showing the links between them and cognitive decline."

By Ted Welford