Dad and daughter driving lesson goes hilariously wrong


This is the hilarious moment a father is teaching his daughter how to drive and it ends in disaster.

The man, known as Chris, was setting out to teach his daughter Avery how to drive. However, as soon as the car begins to move it doesn't quite go to plan.

Chris begins to set up his camera, as he plans to film every one of his daughter's driving lessons. He can be heard saying: "This is Avery driving, she thinks she's a pro now."

Avery begins to move off when suddenly the car jerks backwards, smashing into her father's truck which is parked on the driveway. It appears she accidentally put the car in reverse instead of first gear.

The video shows the shock on her father's face as he contemplates what she has just done, while Avery sits there throwing her hands over her face in shock.