Woman narrowly escapes becoming crash for cash victim

This is the shocking moment a woman almost became the victim of a 'crash for cash' scam.

The woman can be seen driving along while a young man in front of her pushes a moped down the road.

As she slows down behind him, however, he suddenly launches the moped violently into the front of the car and then leaps onto the bonnet, clearly damaging the vehicle.

Another man in a grey tracksuit can be seen lingering near the roadside as the incident takes place.

The woman, clearly shaken by the incident, confronts the two men. The one with the tracksuit can be heard saying that he saw her hit him. But, when she tells them she has a dash camera in her car, the thugs run away.

The woman uploaded the footage online to warn other road users.

It is not clear if the police are still dealing with this incident or if the two men have been caught.

According to statistics released last week, more than £25 million pounds worth of fraudulent claims are exposed every year.

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