Watch the moment a dog bites a biker’s leg


A biker has revealed shocking footage of the moment a dog bit him on the leg.

The motorcyclist had slowed to make a turn when the dog started to run towards him from a nearby garden. He sounded his horn in an apparent attempt to grab the owner's attention, but the canine ran into the road barking.

As the biker slowed to avoid hitting the animal, it approached him and bit him on the leg. He managed to shake it loose and accelerated up the road to safety.

After checking himself over, he went back to confront the owner who remained defiant, saying if the rider wasn't being "stupid" the animal would probably have left him alone.

It appears this isn't the first time the two have clashed over the pets running free, as the biker says "that's f****** twice I've had to sit here and tell y'all to get your f****** things on a leash".

The owner apologised but indicated he wouldn't do anything about it unless it happened again.