Artist creates concept for modern Jaguar XJ220


An artist has created a concept rendering of what a Jaguar XJ220 would look like in the modern hypercar market.

Using the base design of the original model that was released in 1992, Slovakian artist Ivan Venkov has put a modern twist on the supercar to create the 'Concept X'.

The impressive render takes the iconic wedge design of the '90s supercar and adds more louvres, aerodynamic channels and modern structuring so it could easily fit in with the current cars that dominate the top speed lists, including Ferrari's LaFerrari, the McLaren P1 and Porsche's 918.

The rear diffuser design is very aggressive too, with the multiple fins being used to channel the airflow under the car and create more downforce to take advantage of the ground-effect concept that helps to effectively suck the back end of the car on to the road.

The side profile is also very reminiscent of the original model, which was able to get up to a top speed of 213mph and was the fastest production car in the world between 1992 and 1993.

Venkov's impression includes new slim-line headlights that fit into the front inlets and a tail light that follows the contour of the rear end.

Jaguar developed the '90s supercar in conjunction with Tom Walkinshaw Racing, which also helped it produce the famous Jaguar XJR-8 and XJR-9 'Silk Cut' concepts.

When it was first released in 1992, the road-going XJ220 was powered by a turbocharged V6 after being developed with a V12, and only 275 were made, priced at £470,000 on release – which at the time made it the most expensive production car.

Artist creates concept for modern Jaguar XJ220

Artist creates concept for modern Jaguar XJ220