Baby falls out of car - then gets run over as frantic mum rushes back but forgets handbrake


Credits: CEN

This is the horrifying moment a baby fell out of a moving car before being rescued and almost run over again when the mother forgets to put the handbrake on.

In shocking CCTV footage, the car can be seen driving past with a back door open.

A baby car seat can be seen falling on to the road, spilling the infant out of it.

The desperate mum appears to stop the car just out of the frame and goes running back to her baby, picking her up to make sure she is OK.

Another person also runs back to help.

Credits: CEN


Credits: CEN


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But in her haste she has failed to secure the handbrake and the car rolls back, hitting the woman as she cradles her injured infant.

The older child is seen trying to stop the car from running over his mum but to no avail.

She is then run over by her own car while still holding her baby as other onlookers spring into action.

Some tend to her while others try to move the car away from the mother.

Credits: CEN


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The terrifying incident happened in the Corum province of northern Turkey.

It is not believed any of those involved suffered serious injuries.

The incident happened three years ago but the footage has only this week been released to the public.

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