Red Bull Driftbrothers take a ride with an accordion player


This is the hilarious moment the Red Bull Driftbrothers take an accordion player and his squeezebox with them as they drift round the Red Bull Ring ahead of the Austrian Grand Prix.

The German-born drifting duo Joe and Elias Hountondji raced their heavily modified BMW 3 Series and Nissan 200SX round the track, with Joe taking the accordion player in the Nissan.

However, could he still play the accordion throughout the immense drifting? The answer was yes.

The cars can be seen battling round the track, chasing each other with impressively held slides through the bends, and all the while the musician in full Austrian garb continues to play, calmly and appearing in control.

The film captures him managing to carry on perfectly, despite the power sliding and sheer speed of the car.

At one point during a huge drift, the cabin begins to fill with all the smoke generated from the tyres, but even this isn't enough to make the accordion player stop, nor are the g-forces that are surely working against him.