£200,000 Ferrari stranded in middle of car boot sale


Footage has emerged of a driver of a £200,000 Ferrari crawling out of a crowded car boot sale after accidentally getting blocked in.

The supercar had been parked overnight last Saturday on Brighton Marina, with the owner returning in the morning to discover their 458 Spider had been boxed in by crowds and vehicles attending the weekly Sunday market.

The driver can be seen gingerly squeezing the valuable supercar through the narrow gaps between the stalls and past items on the ground, as they try to get out without scratching the performance car.

The driver can be heard arguing with an event organiser, who tells him, "You're going to have to get out of your car." An organiser of the car boot sale subsequently confirmed to MailOnline that the driver was given a parking ticket.

One witness who filmed itwrote when sharing the video: "A disgruntled Ferrari driver left his £200,000 brand new motor in the Brighton Sunday market overnight, he returned to find it surrounded by art."

By Ted Welford