Whisky-powered car makes its first journey


The world's first car powered by whisky has successfully completed its first test drive.

Any conventional petrol and diesel engine can be run on the biofuel, made from whisky residue. The biofuel, called biobutanol, is designed as a direct replacement for conventional fuels.

The car was, unsurprisingly, tried out in Scotland, the traditional home of the alcoholic privilege, with Edinburgh Napier University testing a standard Ford Focus using the whisky-residue based fuel last week.

The concept was created by Celtic Renewables, a company that works closely with the university, and recently received a £9 million grant from the government to help develop the fuel and its use.

Prof Martin Tangney, the founder of the company, told the Edinburgh Evening News: "This is the first time in history that a car has ever been driven with a biofuel produced from whisky production residues.

"It is fitting to do this historic drive in Scotland, which is famous not just for its world-renowned whisky but also for being a powerhouse for renewable energy."

By Ted Welford