Watch the carnage caused by a tipper truck flipping over vehicles


Shocking footage has emerged of carnage in a street in Oldham, Greater Manchester, after a stolen tipper truck flipped over vehicles.

Numerous vehicles can be seen rolled onto their sides, with damaged cars and debris dotted all down Hadfield Road in Oldham – a busy residential area.

The tipper truck was reportedly stolen from a local builders' merchants moments before the smash. It is believed to have been found torched less than a mile from where it was initially stolen from.

Eyewitnesses have recounted seeing a crane on the side of the stolen truck hooking onto a Vauxhall Corsa and dragging it down the street, with the car ending up in a local resident's front garden.

Local resident Simon Kellett, who witnessed the smash, told Sky News: "I could have been dead. The street was like a war zone."

Greater Manchester police are now investigating the horrifying incident.

By Ted Welford