Chinese traffic-straddling bus concept stopped in its tracks


China's traffic straddling bus concept has been shelved after the bosses of the company were arrested.

More than 32 people from a crucial investment company, which backed the project by TEB Tech, were arrested, putting the entire project on the back-burner.

The rather strange idea was a bus that could carry up to 300 people and worked by moving along a set of rail lines above the road. It was so wide and tall that traffic could still move freely underneath it.

However, it received mixed feedback. Critics were quick to point out how expensive it would be and also the fact taller vehicles such as lorries or vans couldn't actually fit beneath it.

Last year the New York Times also reported that during a visit to the TEB Tech offices in Huaying Kailai, they saw Investors leaving gifts and walking away with bags stuffed with money.

Speaking to the same reporter, director of development and planning Zhang Wei said: "We are just a private tech company. We are not a briefcase company for illegal fund-raising.

"Everything we do is approved by related departments in the government, and if we are an illegal company with financial issues, why are the local governments still interested in us?"