Watch the hilarious moment a cyclist was accidentally caught on camera rear-ending a car


This is the amusing moment a cyclist was inadvertently caught on camera crashing into the back of a car.

The footage was posted by Chloe Richardson, from Richmond in West Yorkshire. At the time she was filming her sister Holly, who was cantering on her horse across a field, when Richardson unexpectedly caught the incident in the background.

A red Volkswagen Up can be seen slowing down to a gradual stop before a cyclist ploughs into the back of the car, echoing a large bang before the rider suddenly falls from the bike as the footage ends.

The video has gone viral, being watched more than 480,000 times across Facebook and YouTube.

More than 1,750 comments have been left so far. One commenter said: "Could watch this a million times, just keeps getting funnier."

Another said: "Hahaha, I didn't notice the first time, was too busy watching the horse."