Lorry driver narrowly escapes tipping over


A lorry driver has been caught on camera narrowly avoiding a serious crash.

Jonty Oglesby was travelling down White Rose Way, Doncaster on June 24 when he caught the incident on his dashcam.

A lorry driver, with the company name 'Turners Supply Chain Solutions' emblazoned on the side, can be seen entering a roundabout at too high a speed before clipping the curb, causing the trailer to begin tipping on its side.

The driver quickly reacts by sharply turning the opposite way and ends up driving straight ahead over a verge – hitting some tree branches at the same time.

Luckily this counterbalances the rest of the truck which uprights itself and avoids a very nasty crash.

The footage was shared with HGV Dash Cam Footage on YouTube with the description: "New underwear is a must, looks like the driver hit the high curb and nearly lost it."

It has been viewed more than 8,000 times and has hundreds of comments. One person said: "The company is called Turners......the irony."

WARNING: Video contains strong language