Drivers abandon cars to grab wads of cash that blew down Essex road


Bank of England Chief Cashier Andrew Bailey, whose name and signature appear on all new Bank of England banknotes, examines the latest £20 banknote at the Bank of England Museum.

Motorists on a busy A-road in Essex ditched their cars to swipe up thousands of pounds worth of cash that had mysteriously blown on to the roadway.

The free cash, which came in the form of £10 and £20 notes, was blowing around Epping New Road on Saturday night.

The stretch of road, which is known for being dangerous, is close to the Bank of England's printing works in Loughton, although the organisation denied the money was theirs.

One witness – who wished to remain anonymous – told the Sun: "We were heading towards the M25 at about 8.15pm when the traffic came to a complete standstill.

"I couldn't understand why people were leaving their cars and gathering in the road.

"But then I spotted it – literally thousands of £10 and £20 notes just blowing everywhere. I've never seen anything like it before.

"It's actually quite a very busy [sic] and dangerous road, so I was shocked when people disregarded that to swipe as much cash as they could."

According to reports, a motorcyclist was seen stuffing cash into a backpack, while a heavily pregnant woman was also seen leaving her car to scoop up the money.

One Epping local quipped: Everyone during the General Election was banging on about this magic money tree. Maybe we've finally found it on our doorstep?"

The Sun reported that Essex Police had received reports of an incident and were investigating.

A police spokesman told the newspaper: "Police were contacted shortly before 8.30pm on Saturday, July 1, with a report of a motorcyclist acting suspiciously in Epping New Road, Buckhurst Hill. He was seen with large quantities of cash. Officers searched the area but he was not located."

As of yet, nobody has stepped forward to claim the cash.