Heart-stopping near-miss caught on camera

The moment a BMW nearly ploughed headfirst into an oncoming Volkswagen on a quiet road on the Orkney Islands has been captured by the dash cam of a fellow motorist.

Dave Neil, a business owner and lorry driver, uploaded the shocking footage to social media and it has since been viewed over 6,500 times.

The clip, which is filmed from the point of view of Mr Neil's lorry on a rural road between Holm Village and Orkney's capital Kirkwall, shows a white BMW overtake his vehicle at speed.

Unfortunately, the driver has apparently not seen the dark coloured Volkswagen travelling in the opposite direction without its lights on.

The white BMW 3 Series comes within inches of the oncoming car and narrowly avoids ploughing headfirst into it.

According to The Sun, lorry owner Mr Neil said he began using dash cams after being involved in near miss incidents before.

He said: "I was surprised how close that was. I have a camera fitted in my own car now.

"Obviously I run an island here, I've got three artic trucks and four Sprinter vans.

"I do have drivers from time to time telling me about near misses, and we stuck camera's to drivers cars.

"There's a 40mph limit on trucks, so they're used to cars overtaking them but driver Mike was quite surprised how near a miss it was."

Take a look at the heart-stopping clip below:

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